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Jiangsu, China (Mainland)

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Wooden box.

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Within 15 days after receiving the payment.

toy stuffing machine

 toy machine

plush toy machine

stuffing fiber machine

Cutting machine(cutting cloth machine)----electrical ironing machine---fiber opening machine(fiber loosening machine)----fiber transporting machine----fiber automatic filling machine(plush toy stuffing machine)----eye setting machine---dust collector--- metal detection machine----plastic granule machine----compress packing machine


1.Plush Toy Machine mainly used to produce the plush toys pillows and cushions 2.Adopt advanced techbology 3.competitive Price

·                       Plush Toy Machine line adopt advanced technology from oversea and domestic.

·                       Some parts custom-built in order to do the trick.

·                       Some machines have applied for patent protection

·                       New competitive price!

Main Machines:

Fiber Opening Machine-----Fiber Filling or Stuffing Machine-----Eye setting machine----Cutter----Metal Detector

Machine Features:


Fiber Opening Machine

1.                 Overall size: 900*1700*900MM

2.                 Power: 4KW

3.                 Output: 250KG/H

4.                 Net weight: 400KG

Fiber Filling or Stuffing machine

1.                 Overall Size: 1550*1250*2000MM

2.                 Power: 1.5KW


1.                 Rated Voltage: 380V 50HZ, the motor can produce as request

2.                 Loosenness Rate: 100%

3.                 Output: 250KGS/H

4.                 Net Weight: 400KG

5.                 Conveyer belt improve efficiency Easily & safety operation. Can one-time open 6D over fiber. Ideal equipment for manufacturer of stuff toy and home textiles.

6.                 The automatic filling fiber machine is also called as stuffing machine. Our company develops the new stuffing machine based on technology introduction from Taiwan and South Korean.

7.                  Its filling efficiency is 15-20 times quicker than handmade and it is available for long fiber and short fiber, 0.7D--15D cotton, PP cotton, scrap materials, plastic granules and foam granules, buckwheat, etc.,

8.                 which makes rag dolls, sofa, cushion and bedding appliances more fluey, softer, more flexible and more comfortable.

9.                  using the foot-valve to comtrol filling and stop, easy to operation. with two workers stuffing simultaneously, enhance the production capacity. Filling speed is adjustable.

10.               the stuffing Tube is Changeable, with many different sizes, the customer can select filling tubes according to their own needs.

11.               The machine has clear apperance and assembled very hermetcally. so there will be safe and sanitary.

12.               there should be one air compressor to provide tue air pressure to the main stuffer. So that the material can be below out and stuff into the tou skins easily.

13.              Through the small window you can see the inner of the machine working condition.

14.              The material must be opened already or ball fiber materials.

15.              It is assembled with one fiber transporter and 2 slots stuffer

Certificate: CE Certificate 


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No.633 Jinfeng Road, Bacheng Industrial Park, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, China


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